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How it began

Our lab was established in 2006. We are a diverse group of undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers with expertise in chemical engineering, chemistry, biomedical engineering, and biology, and a shared enjoyment of all things drug delivery.

About Us

Our group designs new materials for drug and gene delivery by integrating chemical and biomolecular engineering principles in molecular design, molecular self-assembly, and chemical reaction kinetics with principles in biomedical engineering and cell biology. We design bio-responsive nanocarriers and study the cellular mechanisms regulating intracellular targeting and drug release. Our long-term therapeutic targets include gene therapy for improved bone and skin repair, as well as targeted drug delivery for breast and ovarian cancer.


When we get out of the lab, we blow off steam with family, travel, hiking, running, tasty food, and of course, zumba. Please get to know us!

Photo May 24, 09 11 58
Photo May 24, 09 11 58
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